Cadet Media

Cadet Media

Location & Phone

PO Box 6066
USAFA, CO 80841-6066
DSN : 333-4644
Fax:  719-333-6376



Cadet Media is a mission essential activity that supports the entire cadet wing by providing our cadets creative learning and leadership opportunities in broadcasting, photography, publishing design and layout. Cadet Media supports cadet activities with funding through the sale of products. The Office of Cadet Media is located in the cadet area in Vandenberg Hall,
Room 2C19.


Develop and maintain unique cadet learning and leadership opportunities by providing training in the use of multimedia, such as print, photography, video, and broadcasting.

Product Overview

  • Two (2) annual DVDs: BCT and Graduation
  • Two (2) annual yearbooks: BCT and POLARIS
  • Candid photos and video excerpts of the cadet experience: BCT thru Graduation¬∑ Annual cadet portraits


Creating unique media products that tell the story of cadet life through print, video and radio programming; while achieving total customer satisfaction through timely delivery of these superior products that reflect Air Force Academy core values with added emphasis on accuracy, completeness, clarity and quality.