World Class Athlete Program

World Class Athlete Program Mission

The program provides a means for military personnel approved as world class athletes to train for, attend, and participate in Pan American games, Conseil International du Sport Militaire, Olympic games, other qualifying forums, and preparatory competitions. Regular AF, AF Reserve, and Air National Guard (ANG) participating personnel who are established athletes in Olympic-sanctioned sports are eligible to apply for the world class athlete program. Individuals in the non-participating Individual Ready Reserve, standby, or retired reserve are not eligible for consideration.

The Air Force now uses an on-line application system.  Applicant must now submit an application through our new APPTRAC System

For instructions in using our new APPTRAC System, please check out our DCStraining slides via this link:
(access on dot mil computer):

In order to be considered for the training camp and/or championship candidate must complete an application in the system, with supervisor and commanders approval noted.  We suggest applicant notify supervisor and commander that they will need to create a profile on the APPTRAC System as well.