Key Spouse Program (KSP)

The U.S. Air and Space Force Key Spouse Program (KSP) is a formal Commander’s Unit Family Readiness
Program designed to enhance unit and family readiness, strengthen family resilience, and build a strong
and vibrant military community.

The mission of the Key Spouse Program (KSP) is to provide information and resources to military spouses
and support military families in successfully navigating the military lifecycle.

Key Spouses/Key Spouse Mentors are volunteers appointed by the unit Commander that serve as
official unit representatives and are a direct link between unit leadership and our Air and Space Force

This important Commander’s program promotes robust partnerships between the unit members, Key Spouses, Key Spouse Mentors, family members, the Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) and community agencies.

Do you know who your unit/squadron Key Spouse is? We can help.


Volunteers are what makes this program great. The spouses in our military community are the heart and soul of a successful Key Spouse program. A Key Spouse volunteer could be the spouse of an enlisted or
officer military member, a Department of Defense civilian or designee affiliated with a military unit.

Are you interested in volunteering to become a Key Spouse or a Key Spouse Mentor for your unit or
Squadron? Contact your unit / squadron leadership or reach out to the M&FRC to learn more.

Additional information about this valuable program as well as other available resources can be found at: