Personal Financial Readiness (PFR)

A&FRC email:
Phone: 719-333-3444.
PFR Contract Rep Email:
Phone: 719-470-3911


Commanders, First Sergeants and Supervisors are invited to refer financially challenged airman to us at the first sign of concern.

What we provide:

  1. Budgeting and Money Management
    Basic budgeting and money management skills training and assistance

  2. Expense Tracking Strategies
    Methods and ideas to analyze where money is going, spending priorities/habits, etc.

  3. Saving, Investing and Thrift Savings Program (TSP)
    Counseling on methods for meeting individual saving and investing goals

  4. Debt Reduction
    Assistance with debt reduction and management by identifying methods to achieve total debt elimination.

  5. Credit Score Improvement
    Information on consumer protection rights information to clients—Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

  6. Security Clearance Financial Review
    Assist service members in dealing with financial aspects of a Security Clearance Review, especially to remediate excessive debt and a low credit score.

  7. Consumer Protection / Identity Theft
    Information to help mitigate the adverse effects to victims of identity theft.