Transition Assistance


Effective 21 Nov 12, Public Law 101-510, H.R. 2433 and Executive Order 13518 mandated all separating and retiring members complete established components of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP).  The NDAA FY19, “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019” further mandates all separating and retiring members complete an Initial Counseling/Pre-Separation briefing no less than 365 days prior to date of separation.

The key to success is knowledge of available transition services and a firm understanding of how to access them.  The USAFA Transition Assistance Program is available to provide separating and/or retiring personnel and their families with the skills and knowledge required to make a smooth, well-disciplined and successful transition to a second career or retirement.

Mandatory elements include a Self-Assessment Worksheet, Initial Counseling/Pre-Separation Briefing, to include the completion of DD Form 2648/-1, attend a TAP Workshop and a final Capstone Appointment where members submit required Career Readiness Standards Deliverables.

Transition Assistance Program Workshop

This 3-day mandatory workshop is conducted every month for those who are preparing to separate or retire.  The workshop is open to USAFA Active Duty, Reserve and Guard.  All others may attend on a space available basis.  Members are eligible to attend two years from retirement date or 18 months from separation date.  Priority will be given to USAFA personnel based on DOS.  The Initial Counseling/Pre-Separation briefing is required prior to attending the TAP Workshop.

In addition there are four optional workshops to further prepare members for transition.

Department of Labor Employment Workshop 

The 2-day DoLEW is a continuation of the 3-day TAP Workshop and is designed to assist individuals as they continue their transition from military to civilian life. The workshop will help members further develop their resume, conduct more in-depth career research, prepare for networking and interviewing events, and ultimately secure meaningful employment.

Managing Your (MY) Education

This class is for those pursuing higher education. It assists in identifying the education requirements that support the member’s personal goals. Focus is on topics such as how to achieve academic success, how to research and compare institutions, and how to finance higher education.

Boots to Business

B2B is an entrepreneurial education and training program offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The course provides an overview of entrepreneurship and applicable business ownership fundamentals.

Vocational Track

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to identify skills, increase awareness of training and credentialing programs, and develop an action plan to achieve career goals.  Attendees complete a personalized career development assessment of occupational interests, aptitudes, and work values. These assessments present a variety of tailored job recommendations aligned with the member’s interests and aptitudes.

The M&FRC hosts a variety of additional classes to help prepare service members and their families for life after the military.

Transitioning Service members eligible to transition to the Air Force Reserve or the Air Force Guard.
Appointments can be scheduled by contacting them directly:

Air Force Reserves: 719-243-6711 or 719-556-8095
Air Force Guard In-Service Recruiter: 719-359-6356 

All separating/retiring members must contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 719-333-3444 to ensure requirements are completed according to established timelines.