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Our AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructors and Rock Guides can help you achieve your climbing goals! Schedule your dream climbing trip and take advantage
of our pros here in house with custom inclusions.
Email or give us a call at 719-333-2940 to build your ultimate adventure this season.
Have a mountain here in CO you’ve always wanted to climb/ski? Training for a big objective and want a guide to help get you ready? Maybe tick off one of the 50 classic climbs in N. America? Schedule a custom trip with one of our AMGA Certified guides to accomplish your ultimate Colorado mountain goals. Ski mountaineering
is best in CO April-June, and Alpine climbing goes all the way through Sept. Call now to schedule your epic day! Max 2 participants, price starting at $150/person and up depending on trip type and length. Trips include guide, transportation, and equipment, overnight trips include meals.
Bikes/helmets may be rented for half price for bike events but MUST be reserved no less than three days prior to date of event.
Aug 23; leave from the Outdoor Rec. 5:30 pm, return time 8 pm est. Come for the ride, the fresh air, the exercise, meet people, discover the world of cycling or just enjoy a low cost family activity. This ride has something for everyone, bike from Outdoor Rec. 15 miles south (downhill) on the Santa Fe Trail to America the Beautiful Park. A van will be waiting to bring you back. Cost: $5, for ages 17 and over. Youth ages 12-16 are free but still need to sign up. Space is limited.
Aug 12; meet at Outdoor Rec at 5:30 pm and return 11 pm. This exciting downhill bike ride through the scenic Phantom Canyon. Be prepared to drop more than 4,000 feet of elevation in 23 miles. Beautiful views, tight canyon walls and tunnels
make this our most popular single day bike event. This ride at night open up a whole new experience in riding. Calming and yet a little scary at the same time. You will love it. Activity includes: Transportation, guide, support and snack lunch. Note: this is an
old narrow gauge railroad line converted to a dirt road with following vehicle support, not single track. Ages: 12+ Cost is $45. Bring your own bike head and tail light that will last at least 5 hours. Bikes/helmets for this event may be rented for half price but MUST be reserved no less than three days prior to date of event.
Aug 20; meet at Outdoor Rec. 8:30 am, return time 5 pm est. Go on a weekday and avoid some of the traffic. Get ready to enjoy more than 7000 ft of elevation drop over about 21 miles. First, inspect and load bikes, drive up to the summit of Pikes Peak, unload, take in the view then enjoy a downhill ride of a lifetime. At
the end of the ride we will stop at Rudy’s BBQ restaurant before we head home. People’s appetites and food preference very too much for us to include the meal, so bring some money. Cost: $59, for ages 14 and over; at least 4 ft 6 in. Includes transportation, Pikes Peak entry, guides and snacks, BBQ meal not included. Note: this is a paved road with vehicle support, not single track.
Aug 27; 8 am at Outdoor Rec, return at 6 pm. You may have ridden some of this trail but have you ridden ALL of the trail? This trail is around 45 miles long and offers a little of everything from packed gravel double track through fields of prairie dogs to cement landscaped bike paths through
the center of the city. This ride
has something for everyone. We’ll start our ride in Greenland and ride south for 45 miles descending almost 2300 feet. A support van will meet you whenever it can so it can carry cold water and anything you do not want to carry on your bike or to just give you a little break (no shame, support drivers love
the company). Cost $25. Activity includes transportation to trail head, trip leader, van support, ice water, and shuttle back to USAFA after finish.
Kayak Classes
Aug 9; 8–10 pm. For first-time kayakers. Learn basic skills including basic paddle strokes,
boat control, balance, and T-rescues. Cost: $30 for ages nine and over, 75 lbs and over. Includes Kayak and ACA Certified Instructor. Four participants minimum
Call for details and to schedule custom trip dates for your group, 719-333-2940. All- inclusive, intensive kayaking instruction. Intro to Kayaking class, Intro to Kayak Roll in a pool, a lake session and Intro River Trip are all included. Three person class minimum and six maximum. Cost: $250, includes transportation and all gear for ages nine and over, 75lbs plus.
Splash Days
Schedule your Group for a private program! We will bring out all of our floatable things such as stand up paddle boards, pedal kayaks, a raft or two, and a few other crafts on Kettle Lakes on base for you to try out and play in the water. We will also provide some grilled food and refreshments, and be roaming around for any instruction you want on one of our many items of floating equipment.Cost: $30/person for ages nine and over, 50lbs plus for water activities. Reserve your spot 72 hrs in advance.
    youth adventure camp
    Tue, Aug 9
Watercraft F u n & Outdoor
L L a a s s e e r r T Ta a g g
  Thu, AUG 11
Phantom Canyon Downhill Bike ride
  for Ages 10-14 | Cost: $165 only 9 spots available, sign up early!
     Call 719-333-4475
for more info & registration
 Minors under 18, must be accompanied by an adult on ALL OAP programs unless otherwise stated.
wed, Aug 10
Rock Climbing Castlewood Canyon

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