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10th Force Support Marketing
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USAF Academy, CO

Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator
DSN: 333-6541/6796
Fax: 719-333-6086

Mon - Fri — 8 am - 4 pm.
Closed Weekends & Federal Holidays

ABOUT Commercial Sponsorship

Commercial Sponsorship refers to the act of a civilian enterprise providing support to help finance or provide enhancements for morale, welfare and recreation elements of Services capabilities (activities, events, and POC programs), as defined by DoDI 1015.10, Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Programs, in exchange for promotional consideration and access to the Air Force market for a limited period of time.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Direct exposure to the Front Range Military Community
  • Heightened brand visibility and increased brand loyalty
  • On-site event exposure
  • Positive publicity
  • Retail traffic at your doorstep
  • New/expanded database development
  • Product samples at sponsored events

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Cadet Entertainment Special Events
  • Home Football Game Cadet Tailgates
  • Prep School Special Events
  • Base-wide Special Event
  • Fitness Center Events
  • Outdoor Recreations Events
  • …and many more!!!

For more information about the Commercial Sponsorship program, please download the commercial sponsorship brochure.



The 10th Force Support Squadron may sell space for commercial advertising in any media form produced for or by them and funded by nonappropriated funds. The media forms may include publications, printed or electronic signs, and web site.

Unlock your access to our vast market with a wide variety of advertising options.

  • Banners
  • Blast Magazine
  • Cross-market TV’s
  • Outdoor Recreation Calendar
  • Website Advertising
  • Bowling Center Score Screens and Lane Sweeps
  • Golf Score Cards
  • Printed and Electronic Media

About the US Air Force Academy

With a history of excellence and a focus on the future, the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) instills cadets with pride and integrity while preparing them to serve their country and succeed in 21st-century careers.

As a public university and a military service academy, USAFA is leading the way into an increasingly complex future, driving advancement and innovation in air, space and cyberspace, among countless other fields.

Whether you come to Colorado Springs for the world-class education, military training, Division I athletics, or character-building challenge and adventure, one thing is certain, the Academy experience—more than 60 years in the making—is unlike any other.

The United States Air Force Academy is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and houses over 4,000 cadets, 30 programs of study, 27 Division I athletic teams, and 19 research centers.


To educate, train and inspire men and women to become officers of character motivated to lead the United States Air and Space Forces in service to our Nation.


The Air and Space Forces premier institution for developing leaders of character.


Veterans 80,000
Retiree Dependents 39,939
Retirees 21,727
Cadets/Prep School 4,432
Active Duty Dependents 3,131
Military 2,085
DoD Civilians 1,333
Contractors 500
NAF Civilians 462
Reserve 138

About the 10th Force Support Squadron

The 10th Force Support Squadron (10 FSS) provides service and support to USAFA personnel including military members from all branches and status, family members, retirees, veterans, and our on base housing community. Additionally, we offer service and support to military members and their families in the local community and neighboring military installations.

10 FSS is the parent organization to moral, welfare, and recreation (MWR) programs and facilities. Dating back to the formation of our country, it was recognized that meeting military members personal needs was essential to maintaining morale of the troops. Over the years the programs developed to meet these needs were categorized as MWR programs.

Today, MWR programs provide an array of programs and facilities to help military members navigate military life while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. MWR programs within 10 FSS are the only military programs that can partner with businesses to provide additional support for our military community through the commercial sponsorship program.