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About Family Child Care

Conveniently located inside the CDC Annex, USAFA’s Family Child Care office provides you with resources and alternatives to center-based child care. We offer regular care of children in the home of a licensed provider. Care is provided on a full time, part time or hourly basis.

In an FCC home there are no more than 6 children present under the age of 12. The Air Force has developed a system to use in offering this program. Persons who want to operate an FCC home must meet certain base requirements before offering child care. Operating an FCC home in government quarters is a privilege granted by the base commander to persons who have satisfactorily completed training requirements, home inspections and agency screenings.

FCC is designed to ensure the health and safety of the children cared for are protected, and the operation of such homes does not detract from the quality of life of Air Force families. Meals served to the children in care meet the guidelines of the USDA child and adult care food program.

Children ages 2 weeks through 12 years of any active-duty, DoD civilians or primary contractors on or supported by USAFA are eligible. Child care is provided on an equal opportunity basis in all FCC homes. Children are required to have current up-to-date immunizations.

Become a Licensed/Affiliated Family Child Care Provider with USAFA

Seeking individuals who enjoy caring for children, especially those interested in providing infant care, special needs care and extended duty care (evenings and weekends).

  • Live on or near USAFA (Northern Colorado Springs)
  • Be affiliated with the DoD (active duty or retired military family)
  • Desire to care for children

Providers determine their own fees for full-time, part-time, or hourly child care (except for AF sponsored programs)
Approved to care for up to six children at a time
Can earn income through various Air Force and Air Force Aid Society programs:

  • Hourly child care programs supporting deployment child care, extended duty child care, supplemental child care, child care for PCS, child care for volunteers, etc.
    • General Level providers earn $10 per hour per child
    • NAFCC Accredited providers earn $12 per hour per child
  • Full-time child care through AF FCC Subsidy (children waiting for a space at the Child Development Center)
    • General Level Providers earn $209 per full-time child per week
    • NAFCC Accredited providers earn $250 per full-time child per week


  • EARN YOUR ACCREDITATION FOR FREE! National Association for Family Child Care
  • Additional INCENTIVE PAY from the Air Force for supporting military families
  • Support from USAFA FCC office for training, supplies, and equipment – AT NO COST!

  HOW TO APPLY? Contact USAFA Family Child Care Office at 719-333-7957 for an application.

Family Child Care Programs:
Extended Duty Care

EDC is designed to help families who have a requirement to work longer hours, evenings, overnights, weekends and/or are experiencing a temporary shift change (up to 3 days) while they perform their mission during contingency or high tempo operations and have no one else in the home to provide care.

Returning Home Care

RHC provides up to 16 hours of child care to eligible members returning from a 30 day plus deployment in support of contingency operations as well as those returning for their Rest and Recuperation (R&R) leave.

Bereavement Care

Bereavement Care provides hourly care to attend appointments for a fallen military family member when families have no one else in the home to provide care.

Wounded Warrior Care

WWC provides hourly care to attend appointments when families have no one else in the home to provide care

Deployment/Remote Assignment Child Care Support
The Deployment/Remote Assignment Child Care Support allows families 16 hours for pre-deployment, 16 hours each month of the deployment/remote assignment, and 16 hours post deployment. AF FCC Deployment Child Care Support may be used once the member has orders and ends 60 days upon return from the deployment. AF FCC Remote Assignment Child Care may be used each month the member is on remote assignment.
Permanent Change of Station
PCS program provides care to eligible tenant base members’ permanently changing station. The family will receive up to 20 hours of child care (for each child) when they are within 60 days of your PCS departure or arrival date at this base. Please contact the USAFA Family Child Care office to determine your eligibility for specific programs and to submit child care requests.