Lodge Information


Air Force Inns Promise

Ensuring our guests have a clean, comfortable room to guarantee a good night's rest and pleasant stay is our goal. If any part of your stay with us is not satisfactory, please let the lodging manager or front desk know so they can try to make it right for you.


  • Rampart Lodge Buildings 3130 & 3134 Meeting Point: The Rampart Sign at the entrance to the parking lot. (SW corner of the parking lot)
  • TLF Buildings 6260-6263 Meeting Point: Airman & Family Readiness Parking Lot

Local Area and Room Maps

Installation, local and running maps are available for your convenience at the Front Desk.

ForgOt an Item?

We provide complimentary facial/deodorant soap and shampoo/conditioner and body lotion during your stay. Housekeeping will gladly restock these items by request only. If you need additional toiletry items after hours, please come see us at the front desk. We have a selection of items available for purchase as well.

Guest Responsibilities

Guests are required to be properly clothed in order for the Housekeeper to enter the room.

Stocked Rooms
Rooms stocked with resale items (sodas, candy, liquor, etc.) are replenished on an as needed basis. Please pay for these items using the pre-printed inventory envelope in your room by check or cash. These charges may also be paid as part of your checkout total.

Room Etiquette
Keep all valuables out of sight, stored securely in luggage or use the room safe provided for your use.

Please keep rooms neat and orderly by picking up and keeping personal clothing stored in appropriate storage areas. Housekeepers are not authorized to handle personal items to clean the room. Any items left on the bed, floor, or dressers will prevent the housekeepers from making the bed, dusting, or vacuuming the room.

A cleaning fee of $75 will be assessed to your room charges if your quarters are beyond housekeeping standards.

If the Do Not Disturb sign is not removed from your door by 11 am, we will not be able to service your room. Please contact the front desk if you wish to set up service after this time. Service will be provided as long as housekeeping staff is still on the premises. For health and safety reasons, housekeepers are required to enter rooms every 24 hours regardless of a Do Not Disturb sign posted on the door.

Guest Responsibilities (cont'd)

Food items should always be sealed and stored properly.

Non-commercial or personal cooking appliances are not authorized for use in the rooms. Please use only the cooking devices that are provided in the rooms.

Guests are responsible for the conduct of their children and visitors. This includes any damages they may cause.

Lodging linens used to clean cars, boots, makeup, etc. may result in your account being charged to replace destroyed linens.

Please refrain from storing bicycles in rooms or stairwells. A sheltered storage area is available on request.

Please note while living in the quarters, all supplies, equipment, and fixed assets are your responsibility. Damage to the television, remote control, bedding, furniture, or carpeting will result in reparation, replacement, and/or cleaning at your expense.

Please be considerate of other guests by observing quiet hours between 10 pm - 8 am.

Smoking at Rampart Lodge

All rooms are nonsmoking to include e-cigarettes. Please refrain from smoking inside of the building.

If smoking in the room is found and confirmed, a cleaning fee up to $150 will be assessed to your room charges.

Designated smoking areas are located outside of the service Building #6220, east of the Pine Valley TLF area, east and west sides of building 3130 and the back patio area of building 3134. Signs are posted identifying the designated smoking areas. (Please see map for designated smoking areas). If you have any questions, contact the front desk "0".

Pet Policies

We have six pet-friendly TLFs available on a first come first serve basis. For information on these units, contact the front desk. There are designated walking areas with rest stations on the north and south side of building 6261.

Please do not bring pets into any lodging facility that is not designated pet friendly, at any time. A cleaning fee up to $150 will be assessed to your room charges for pets found in a non-designated pet-friendly room or on the premises. Guests will be asked to find lodging elsewhere.