Rampart Lodge Housekeeping


Expert housekeeping services are provided daily from 0800 to 1600 hours.

Each room has a Do Not Disturb sign. If this sign is displayed on your door after 1100 hours, we will not enter or service your room for that day. You may call the front desk to request service after this time. Service will be provided, as long as housekeeping staff is still on the premises.

We cannot allow a room to go unattended for more than 24 hours. We realize there may be some instances where people are scheduled to work unusual shifts and don't want to be disturbed. If this situation occurs, please contact the front desk to schedule a convenient time to service your room.

Bed sheets are changed at least once a week (depending upon the day you arrived). Sheets are also changed, when guests stay longer than one week and upon checkout.  To avoid washing clean linens, please place all soiled linens in plain view on the floor and keep clean linens on the shelves or towel bars.

Please do not use the towels to clean cars, shoes, etc. You will be charged replacement costs for misused linens.

Housekeeping WILL NOT make your bed if personal belongings are left on it. They are not authorized to remove them.

If you have a special housekeeping request, do not hesitate to speak with your housekeeper or call the Operations Manager at ext. 4.

Light Service Housekeeping Includes:

    • Clean and empty wastebaskets
    • Restock coffee/tea
    • Personal amenities-restocked upon request only
    • Make bed
    • Clean toilets
    • Bathtub/shower cleaned inside and out
    • Clean vanities, sinks and mirrors
    • If towels are on the floor, they will be removed and replaced
    • Floors and carpets will be cleaned

Extended stay (7 days+) Includes:

    • All listed items above
    • Change sheets
    • Light dusting and furniture polished
    • Vacuum and mop