USAFA Base Fitness Center Receives New Equipment

Earlier this month, the USAFA Base Fitness Center replaced its 10-plus-year-old Hammer Strength models with new equipment. These include ellipticals, benches, bicycles and more.

Life Fitness provided the updated machines. The new equipment is of a higher quality than the previous equipment offered.

The Base Fitness Center kept its customers in mind when selecting the new machines, as they serve a diverse community on the base.

“Our clientele [is] a lot of retirees to a younger crowd … so we really tried to keep a well-balanced diversity for the equipment that they were using,” said Base Fitness Center Assistant Director Dave Peruzzi.

Customers have the option to scan a QR code on the side of the new machines using their phone. They are then guided through a 10-15 minute tutorial on how to use the machine.

The Base Fitness Center also offers fitness classes and personal training. Those on base can learn more about the Base Fitness Center at the 10th Force Support Squadron website: